Saturday, 24 December 2016

Happy Christmas.

To all who pass by this part of the web. After this years total fail on the blogging front I'm aiming for a vast improvement next year. I've had a rubbish couple of years. With ill health in the family. These issues have now resolved themselves. So I'm aiming to up my post rate exponentially as they say.

On the blog front I'm going to broaden the scope of the blog to include more figure and modelling output rather than focusing just on terrain.

All the best to you all and have a happy Christmas and a great 2017


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Battle in a box UPDATE

After another long hiatus I've finally got my act together to post something! The pictures above are of some factory - industrial building terrain bases for my Battle in the box project, in the background are a painted village base and a walled manor/farmhouse base. All the bases are 30mm square and the buildings are glued onto 1p coins. The factory chimneys are made from the insides of some dismantled gel pens. Next up I'll be looking at producing some forts.

The top picture shows my original Battle in a Box box, sitting on top of a new one recently purchased, for the princely sum of  £9.99 The new box has a double decker layout with two internal trays.

Here's hoping this is the start of some more regular blogging from me, but I have said that before!!!

TTFN Airhead

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Painting Bridges

Finished bridges in green livery, for some bits of bright blue plastic that were destined for a landfill site they haven't turned out to badly. I've left the road surfaces black for the present, once I embark on my road building program I'll probable re-paint the surfaces to match up with road surface I settle on.



Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Building bridges

Always on the lookout for useful items which I can utilize for my terrain projects. I spotted two garish blue plastic bridges on a child's railway set which we where throwing out. They reminded me of pictures I had seen of bridges from the low countries in WW1 & WW2 and the size looked close to 10mm scale which I'm using for my early WW1 forces and WW2 blitz period forces.

The bridge was much to wide, so I cut out the central section and re-glued the left & right parts back under the central section. I also removed the molded on hinges. The bottom picture shows a WW1 British trooper in 10mm scale to show the size.



We have lift off

Some pictures of my finished SF terrain for use with my Pendraken 10mm SF forces. I might even get my act together and try and enter their up coming painting competition, with some of my forces I'm also looking for some poundland plastic joke bugs which i saw a while ago and thought would make some good opponents for them.

I'm thinking of building some kind of base/HQ as an objective. Perhaps based on a floating island. More at the weekend with a bit of luck.



Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Happy Christmas and some artistic inspiration

Happy Christmas to you all out there in blog land and all the best for 2015. This will be my last post of 2014. Six posts this year was to say the least a bit pathetic, so my first resolution for next year is to up the post rate. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

As for the inspiration, the pictures above are from Julian Merrow-Smith's brilliant blog
They have inspired me in creating my Battle in a box terrain project. He lives and works in Vaucluse, in the South of France.

More inspiration to come in the new year, all the best to you and yours 


Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Never look a gift aquarium in the mouth

Just a quick post about a find I made recently when over at our costal estate (father in-laws house) He had bought himself a big new second hand aquarium. The previous owner  had some expanded polystyrene panels on the back wall of the tank to give the impression of natural rock backdrop to the tank.

Knowing about my wargaming affliction, when he took the panels out of his new tank to replace them with a new backdrop, he saved the old panels for me. Thinking I might have some use for them. What a star.

The pictures above show the panels along side some of my Greek 1/1200 Triremes. I'll repaint the panels cut them down and use them to create shorelines for my navel forces to fight around. I might build some small costal towns/ports as well in 1/1200 scale to go on them.