Monday, 4 May 2009

Beach mat fun 2

This picture shows one of the huts cut out with the corners scored and folded, once you have done this the straw will be cut through on the four corners, exposing the card board underneath. So to cover this up, and to add more interest to the huts I've used match sticks and bamboo skewers glued to the corners of the huts as supports.
This picture shows the two villages, with the huts positioned on the CD bases, one with three and the larger with four huts on. The style of the huts is purely based on my imagination, I'm sure with a bit of research I could have found some striking designs, but I was looking to create some generic native huts which I could use in a wide range of different locations.

A close in shot of two of the huts showing the use of match sticks as corner supports for the huts and the ribbed card for the doors of the huts. The roofs are old towling soaked in PVA glue. Hope fully when I start to paint the huts, and with some sutler dry brushing the raffia beach mat walls should look quite effective.

An over head shot of the two CD bases with the huts on, I'll put some small patches of vegetation on the bases, along with an animal pen on one of them, and some piles of fire wood, also some beads painted up as cooking pots giving the villages a lived in look. the feeling that the item has a life of its own.

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J Womack, Esq. said...

Nice work... I have considered doing something similar with a reed mat, but never thought out how to keep it from just shredding when cut. Glue it to a backing! D'oh!