Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Limestone hills

A set of four photos showing the basic construction of a set of two limestone hill sections, one on a two CD sized art board base the other on a three CD size base. The main building material being the good old toilet roll tube. In the top picture you can see the guide line around the middle of the toilet roll tubes where they were cut in half, with the top sections that were cut of, being used to build up the bulk of the mountains. In the bottom picture you can see on the background hill, paper templates cut out and put into position on the hills, these templates are then used to mark out the tops of the hills from foam core board. Which is then cut out and hot glued into place. Double click on the middle two picture for bigger versions


Eli Arndt said...

An excellent rather inexpensive-looking project. I imagine cork board or even junk cardboard could be used in place of the foam board in a pinch.


Mark said...

I'm thinking high rise Sci Fi city for 6mm or 15mm casas cueva complex.

Something similar on my wortbench to at the moment creating 15mm Sci Fi apartments inspired by your 'toilet roll wood'.