Friday, 28 August 2009

10mm Hay Stacks

You have it all planned out and things are going just fine, then you makes some wheat fields. And into your head jumps an idea, wheat fields, so where are the hay stacks? So looking on google pictures I found some reference pictures. Also a great article describing the construction of one in 20mm scale on The two pictures above are WIP's of my 10mm hay stacks, based on 2p coins with sand and PVA the central poles which the hay stacks are built around are cocktail sticks cut down and hot glued on to the coins. The wooden poles the stacks stand on are made from cut down match sticks. The silver foil that makes up the bulk of the stacks is supper glued onto the base. The outer skin of the stack will be made from air drying clay The figure to show the size is a pendraken miniatures 10mm scale British cavalry figure from their WW1 range range.

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