Thursday, 13 January 2011

Communications bunker

My last few posts have been focused on the aviation side of my current projects, so this time back to a more terrain based projects. This communications bunker/hut/shed thing? not sure what it should be called really, is built around a camper van which come in a set of three vehicles bought (£1.69p) because it included a OH-6 Loch Helicopter which I can use for my 15mm Vietnam project. See my post from November 26th LINK for a picture of the camper van in all its glory and original packaging. As I said in that post, the van did go in the bin, only for me to fish it out, after having second thoughts.

The ground work was built up with scrap foam board, which was then covered with polyfilla, pva glue, sand and small rocks. The entrance to the bunker has coffee stick duck boards and the supports for the trench walls are made from cut down cable ties, which have some nice detail on, which should dry brush up well. Cut of the top of one of the cable ties and stuck it on the top of the van, to add a bit of detail. The aerials are from paper clip wire in cotton bud tubes.
I'll also build a free standing satellite dish, so it can be used in a WW2 or more modern setting.

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Looking good, Airhead!

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