Saturday, 12 February 2011

DFS in flight

I have moved onto the next DFS 230 this one is going to be in its final approach to landing, swooping in over the sun bleach terrain of Crete/East/North - Africa. The basic idea came to me after making up the first of my 6 DFS's. The model being made from card is very light. So the idea of showing a glider coming in to land popped into my head. The wing tip of the glider would be show just clipping an olive tree, this is the point where the glider is secured to the base, made from a mini CD.

The first picture shows the tree/grape stem with wire wound around the trunk of the tree and shaped into a loop to be glued to the base.

The second picture shows the tree and wire on the CD base and the small square of card glued into place to cover the hole in the middle of the CD. This picture also shows the wire and grape stem covered in masking tape to create the tree trunk. I cut the masking tape into thin strips, to make it easier to wind them around the trunk.

The next picture shows the wire hot glued onto the CD base.

The 4th picture shows a DFS wing blue-tack into position to give an idea of how the model will be fixed to the base. The two strands of wire sticking out of the top of the olive tree will be inserted into the wing. The last picture shows the base with a selection of sand grit and stones ready to be glued into position.

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