Monday, 16 July 2012

Air burst round 2

Just a quick update on my progress with the air burst shell markers, the top picture shows some of the original armatures in the background with three explosion markers with clump foliage in position in front. The middle picture shows one of the air burst markers, the picture was taken from quite a high perspective, which makes the arm in contact with the ground look quite short, its not. You can also see I've glued some small stones to the bottom of the shell burst where it comes in contact with the ground. The idea being that where it comes in contact with the ground it will kick up debris, stones and dust.

I used UHU glue to stick the foliage clumps to the wire, and once dry I went over it with super glue to make it hard. I broke the foliage clumps down into smaller bits to make it go farther. The bottom picture shows an air burst that landed on the ground! things don't always go to plan. That was also the thinking behind the air burst which has the bent arms, making it look like it went of but not as intended. Nothing based on fact, all just made up in my head.

Next stage is onto the painting stage. The left hand marker in the top picture is my first attempt, TTFN, Airhead.


Sidney Roundwood said...

Absolutely great. I've been meaning to try something like this for ages, and now I am very inspired! You've done a brilliant job of the air-bursts - absolutely perfect! Looking forward to your post about how you gt on painting them.

Pat G said...

Those look great!

MarkG said...

These are looking very good. Look forward to seeing the finished result.

Curt said...

Very nice! I'll have to give this a go as I really like the effect you achieved.

airhead said...

Hi Chaps, thanks for the comments, its always nice to get feed back. I've undercoated them with pound land matt black car spray. So on to painting next.

Looking forward to seeing your versions Sidney.

All the best


Sidney Roundwood said...

Just to mention, Airhead, that I've cross posted your fantastic work to my own blog!

airhead said...

Be my guest Sidney, very happy to be mentioned on your outstanding site.

all the best