Monday, 12 November 2012

Small Mosque

Anew building to add to the town, a small Mosque. The top two pictures show the building as it stands at the moment. Bottom picture is my original sketch of the building. Thinking about this building after getting it to this stage of construction it occurred to me that I had done no research on Mosques at all, not even a simple search on Google images. You can also see how the model differs from the sketch, with the number of arches in the inner building and the main door have been changed. The small ball on the top of the tower is a polystyrene one you can purchase these from craft shops. To make up for my lack of research,  I'm going to look into using some elaborate ceramic tile patterns on the inside of the building and main walls, and perhaps a small dome on the roof to go along side the minaret.




Phil said...

Nice looking Mosque!

Sidney Roundwood said...

I think that's going to look extremely splendid when it's all done. Fantastic stuff!