Sunday, 6 September 2009

Roman 10mm fort

Two pictures of the fort, the top one showing the breached wall section in position, showing the polystyrene and small stones used to create the breach. The three buildings are shown with the basic paint work done. In the foreground is the barracks block with the stables and workshop building behind it. At the top is the legats villa, still needs the wall around the villa. I think all three buildings will be mounted onto a single lift out base board which will sit within the fort.


Furt said...

I really like how you captured the look of a Roman fort - looks great.

Giles said...

It does have a very authentic ring to it...What I like about your blog, Airhead, is that you take very simple ingredients and then make amazing models out of them!

Best wishes


airhead said...

Thanks Giles, simple ingredients also usually means cheap! every little helps, as Mr Tesco (UK based supper market) would say.

Loved the recent parade of your AWI British forces, got me thinking about doing a similar thing with my terrain bits and bobs.

All the best