Monday, 28 December 2009

15mm Scale village

Some pictures of the finished building from my 15/10mm scale village with their base boards attached, they worked out quite well, a couple of pictures showing the buildings together along with one of my French infantry battalions from my War of the Spanish succession forces, to give an idea of the actual size of the buildings.


Anonymous said...

Very cool.
Also enjoyed seeing the research from the previous post.

Barry S said...

Great work and very inspiring!

EinarOlafson said...

Great Work in all your terrain models, and great blog too!!


Secundus said...

These are really nice and the attention to detail is amazing. Do you get to game with these yourself or do you sell them? Very nice work either way.

airhead said...

Hi Chaps, Thanks for the very kind comments. Sorry for not replying before only just found these.

Mr Secundus to answer your questions, not as much as I would like, in fact to be brutally frank, with all of what spear time I have taken up with the building of terrain, not yet, but we live in hope. As for selling things, not yet, but if a Mr Getty happens to be following my ramblings I'm always open to ridicules offers ;-)

Best regards