Thursday, 10 December 2009

15mm Village

Some progress on the village, with most of the bases completed, just needing painting up. The middle picture shows the tea leaves PVD'd onto the pan scourer hedges. For the less manicured rural hedges I pulled clumps out of the scourers and glued (PVA) additional bits onto the front and back of the scouring pad to give a more uneven wild look to the hedge. The bottom picture shows the Big house in its formal garden, with most of the painting done, just some details work to do.


ArmChairGeneral said...

Looking really good there!

Giles said...

I agree - who'd have thoguht that Hovels buldings could look so good?! Just shows what you can do with pre-made stuff with a bit of imagination (and lots of skill).

Best wishes


airhead said...

Hi Chaps, thanks for the kind words, always good to get feed back. Sorry for the rubbish pictures. Will try and get some better ones when/if the sun shines.