Friday, 1 April 2011

DFS, we have lift of

Slow but steady progress on the DFS fleet, hindered by work being mad at the moment and a big DIY project on going at home. The pictures above show the flying DFS in position on its base. swooping in over the heads of the startled enemy. Still needs to be painted to cover up the white lines where the card is cut during construction, and to be dust and dirtied it up a bit.

The second from bottom picture shows the end of the wing on the tree top, still open and yet to be glued shut. The bottom picture shows the splint of art board bound to the two wires sticking out of the top of the olive tree and bound into position with masking tape, then covered in PVA glue to hold it firm. The art board splint goes three quarters of the way up the inside of the wing, to prevent the wing sagging over time and make it more resistant to damage.

I had my annual day out at the WMMShow in Wolverhampton in early March and purchase the bulk of my German paratroops from Mr Pig, also got some more Japanese and made a start on my Vietnam forces. Also a box of Valiant late war Germans. So a good start to the year on the Wargaming front. Even if my post count is a bit rubbish so far this year. One the Bathroom is sorted out hopefully thing will pick up latter in the year.

To finish of with a tip for those of you looking for expanded polystyrene to use in your terrain project, my local Home base DIY store is giving away polystyrene for free as you leave the store to use in plant pots. till next time.


DyeHard said...

I really like your model, so I searched around to find the PDF.


Giles said...

Looks fantastic, Airhead.

Best wishes


subedai said...

Pretty damn good and very original, looking forward to more pictures. Well done.