Wednesday, 20 April 2011

DFS's dramatic arrival

Moving along with the DFS production line this time, this is the most involved and complicated of all the glider bases. The idea behind this base is to represent what has happened to one of the attacking German gliders when a 6 is throw for its landing.

Don't ask me why but I just got the idea in my head of Private Godfrey of the Somali land home guard, tripping over while carrying the sections lewis gun to it firing position, letting of a few random rounds, and by shear luck severing the control cables of the doomed DFS 230 swooping over head. It pitches right into a rustic stone building/barn with the nose going through the side window, after having both wings severed by some conveniently positioned olive trees, and as the roof collapses in on to the glider, the doors of the building blow out.

The top picture shows the various elements laid out, the 2 black dots on the CD show the position of the two olive trees. The stone building is built from foam core covered with fine stones from a fish tank, small size and nicely rounded. The roof beams were made from cut down cocktail sticks. as was the door frame and the window lintel. The middle shows the building in more detail.

*Just to say my Private Godfrey is part of my revised version of the renowned fighting unit that was Warmington on Sea home Guard. My version is made up of UK expats who are based in British Somali land but still determined to do their bit for the Empire.

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