Monday, 13 May 2013

Fire base Buddha 3

More progress on Fire Base Buddha, the basic concept is 4 concrete bunkers, one on each corner with packed earth firing point on the top of each, with inter-connecting walls with firing steps. I've used corrugated card to represent steel cladding to hold the earth walls and firing point in position.

Sand bags created back in 2009 were then dug out of storage and used to top the walls and the firing points on top of the bunkers, with retaining walls on the firing points made from coffee sticks. More detailed pictures to follow in the next post. Still debating if it should be all based on an MDF base board or built in a more modular fashion.



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Cincinnatus said...

I think its a good call to make the scenery modular and scalable. I'm doing this with palisaded and stone/adobe forts so that I can make several different forts rather than have to build each one individually. This project looks great!