Friday, 31 May 2013

Fire base Buddha 5

More progress on the Buddha centrepiece, the top two pictures show jungle vines (garden twine string) glued to the ground base and the head as well. The second two photographs show the head undercoated along side a couple of the fire base bunkers and with the first coat of paint partly applied.

The bottom picture is a before and after photo of two of the bunkers. The bunker on the left shows the sand bags after they have just been stuck into position, you can still see dark gaps between the individual bags. The bunker on the right shows the bags after I have filled the gaps with some cheep filler. I used a paint brush and a small amount of water and used a painting action to push the filler in between the individual sand bags. Giving a much more realistic look to the bags.

On a side note, big up to the Wargaming girls in Sheffield for the article in the Times from last Saturday page 41 also featuring Wargames Development and Tim Gow.

More Fire base picture at the weekend.




Giles said...

This is fascinating to watch, Airhead. Details such as those creeping vines really bring it alive.

I've never really been into post-1900 wargaming, but I've always thought how Vietnam is probably the most visually creative periods of the last century.

Best wishes


airhead said...

Thanks for the comment Giles, always good to get feed back. Hope life is treating you and yours well.

All the best