Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fire Base Buddha 6

The Buddha with a lick of paint on. The jungle vines have been picked out in bright greens and have had some masking tape leaves PVA'd to them. in the top picture you can see two of the corner bunkers also painted. Still need to put some green flock onto the base of the Buddha and some bigger undergrowth. The metal cladding on the firing platforms on the top of the bunkers has had some rust painted on and some random battle damage (holes) added.

Next job is to sort out a base board for the fire base to sit on. I will probably keep the Buddha outcrop as free standing, so it can be used in other settings and scale, but will fix the bunkers and blast walls to a base so I can model a ditch around the outer wall and other terrain feature.




Millsy said...

The paintwork on the stone is really well executed mate. Some of the best I've seen. The moss is extremely lifelike indeed. Well done!

Sidney Roundwood said...

Very nice indeed, Airhead. I really like the mossy, lichen-y weathering on the Buddha .... very natural and looks terrific.

Cincinnatus said...


Tony said...

I agree. I think you have done a great job on the painting.


Dinium said...

That's great work Airhead, the weathering really is spot on.