Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Free buildings for 10mm NW Europe

While looking for card buildings to use with my 10mm terrain for NW Europe in WW1&2 I came across this great site.  00/HO scale card buildings for railway modelling. British buildings, but used in combination with the GHQ models micro terrain buildings for the low countries will give a good cross section of buildings.  All you need to do is scale up the GHQ stuff and scale down the Wordsworth kits.

The top picture shows a small yard created from some of the Wordsworth track side buildings. As a work yard to be part of my Colliery. The buildings were mounted onto a sheet of cobbles and then mounted onto art board. The picture below shows the buildings as they were down loaded. One tip, its a good idea to study the picture of the building on the down load button as the is no picture on the down loaded sheet. All sheets down load as RAR compressed files.

More to follow on this subject soon.



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