Monday, 11 March 2013

Slag heaps

I've made a start on some slag heaps in 10mm scale to use with my early WW1 set up, in particular for the fighting around Mons in Belgium. The have been a number of articles in resent issues of Wargames Illustrated 303 - 304, Some great work by the "Like a stone wall" group of gamers in 28mm. I'll be borrowing some of their ideas for the great vignettes they have created, but in 10mm scale.

One very useful purchase I made to help in the construction of the heaps was a set of snap off blade craft knifes from the fine emporium of quality merchandise, Pound Land. 8 knifes for a £1, the quality might be not the best but for 12.5p each what do you expect.

I have found the secret to success for me when shaping polystyrene is the use a sawing motion when cutting with the knife blade extended to full length. The three pictures above show the heaps with some 10mm scal card buildings to give an idea of how big they are. The four smaller heaps will be for the coal heaps.

Back with more latter in the week, TTFN.



Sidney Roundwood said...

Airhead, Looking back at these I am really impressed at how you made them. Can I ask a question: did you use simply expanded polystyrene for the heaps (and where did you get it)?

airhead said...

Hi Sidney, yes just expanded polystyrene, nothing special about it. As to where it came from, I'm not to sure. We keep a supply in the garage for use in our patio pots. I do recall seeing some at Homebase by the checkout free to take, for the same purpose.

Intrigued to know what you might be thinking of producing?

All the best