Friday 23 January 2009

Colonel Kurtz & Buddha

Small Buddha figure bought from a hippy shop for £2.99 Base from a free CD, round plinth for the statue to sit on is the top off a posh coffee. The back drop stone behind the figure is a boots own brand dental floss dispenser all PVA'd + sand & gravel. Ideal for Colonel Kurtz and his Mong forces to use as a base.

Limestone Karst

Limestone hills built using the ubiquitous toilet roll, and cheep filler (pondland) the tops are made from polyboard, The lot based on CD's. The horizontal strata is ac hived by gluing small strips of loo roll onto the base loo roll then covering with filler PVA and sand.

Thursday 15 January 2009

Palm tree + Shell hole

Palm tree base with a shell hole, tree body from a pine cone with wire & masking tape leaves hot glued into the top. Shell hole from foil fruit pie tin from Mr Kippling. Bare palm leaves from paper clip wire.

More trees

Trees for my 10/15mm DBA armies with a Mediterranean feel to them, green pan scrubber was used, pushed onto cocktail sticks then hot glued onto 1/2p coins for bases. Sprayed mat black before painting. Based on an original idea from Steve Deans forum.

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Palm trees

Some 15/25mm palm trees made from electrical flex with masking tape trunks and leaves, based on 2p coins. Scale wise the trunks could be a lot longer, but my out look to all my terrain projects is, if I think it looks right to me, thats fine. On my to-do list is to have a look at using Gardening twine twisted around the trunk. After seeing one type of palm tree at our local garden centre.

Jungle terrain

Just thought I should start the new year with the first part of a walk-through on building of a Jungle/Palm grove base for use with my WW2 / Vietnam set ups. Having only shown finished projects to date.

The first picture shows the items used, the base is a CD, two circles of poly board for the main ground area, 2-3 core electrical flex with masking tape wound around for palm tree trunks and in the fore ground palm leaves made from more masking tape folded back upon its self with soft wire sandwiched between the masking tape, then cut to palm leaf shapes. the white block in the background is polystyrene cut from some packaging.

The second picture shows the poly board in position on the CD and cut to shape, before it was covered in filler, PVA and sand. I never relay got the Hot glue gun thing, until I invested £3.95p in a Woolworth's one, they are brilliant. Great for sticking stuff to things, they really should not stick to.

The top picture shows the base covered in filler and sand, with a small pool cut into the front on the base. The polystyrene has been hand shaped into undergrowth / jungle shape with the trunks of the palm trees in position.