Wednesday 30 September 2020

Generic south European village

Just a quick post of a test picture of my generic south European village, which at a stretch could cover southern France, Italy, Spain

All the buildings pushed together on my cutting matt, for storage, no real art director of the picture. All 28mm made from foam core board and scraps and the ubiquitous coffee stirrers. Painted with my usual combination of Wilco’s match pots.

Monday 28 September 2020

Going forward - terrain - and other stuff

Well it’s been a while! And how the world has moved on. But let’s not talk about that bit. 

Today is my first day as a none member of the working population since the mid 1980’s due to the combination of redundancy/retirement. So what to do?

This place is distinctly dusty and unloved at the moment, so as I’ve rashly promised in the past, time for some updates, this is just a test to check out the new interface, and using an iPad. So fingers crossed as to how this will look.

Over the WFH & lockdown I have managed to be quite productive for me:

FPW Prussian j├Ągers 28mm x16

1/300 H&R Macedonian v Indians (only had the figures since the 1980’s) 

28mm South European generic village, still a WIP

Some 54mm WSS figures

So over the next few weeks I’m aiming to update around the topics above, fingers crossed this works.

TTFN Airhead - Stay safe.