Tuesday 23 April 2013

Fire base Buddha

Progress on Fire Base Buddha, I sketched out the outline of the base on a piece of white card. With the sleeping Buddha positioned in the middle, I've done minimal research into Fire bases, just a quick search on google images and a look at the cover of the Osprey book on Special Forces camps, and what I remember of watching the Green Berets, in-fact thinking about the title of this post, it should be Camp Buddha really, ho hum.

I've done the cheap purchase, getting the Buddha for 99p. The next purchase come in a bit more expensive, £270 for some really bad ass polystyrene, it did however come rapped around a new Bosch dish washer.

But back to the polystyrene, it is very very dense and can be carved with a sharp blade. Great stuff for building terrain with, some of the polystyrene was just the right shape to use as the walls and the was lots left over for the bunkers and the central rock outcrop which the buddha will sit on.

Right off to get some free coffee sticks from the local coffee shops.



Tuesday 16 April 2013

NW Europe in 10mm scale

More output on the 10mm card building front, the  above buildings from the Wordsworth modelrailway site The buildings on the base in the front left foreground of the 2 pictures above are finished the other buildings in the pictures are just in the basic state with no additional detailing or painting. The boiler house above will become part of the colliery when completed. The smaller building will be very useful for filling out the villages and towns, and make them that much more realistic. Next up back yards and washing lines to go with the terraced houses.



Sunday 14 April 2013

99p Buddha

Another trip to the high end of the retail delights of Birmingham (99p shop in the arcade above New street station) and I found this Buddha for the princely sum of 99p. Its intended as a garden decoration. At this price it was to good to miss, and as I have my 15mm scale special forces camp for Vietnam on the to do list for this year. I thought it would make a great centre piece for the camp. As for the rest of the camp I've not really thought that much about it yet.

Once I got it home and examined it closer it was apparent it was cast from plaster. My idea was that the statue would be at an angle after subsidence had undermined it. I cut some lines into the figure with a hacksaw blade to represent the blocks of stone which make up the figure. The middle picture above shows the figure after the lower right section was cut away, with 3 Peter Pig US Vietnam infantry passing in front to give an idea of its size.

The first picture above shows the figure after its  been covered in PVA glue and sand and stuck to a small circular MDF base from War bases.

So next I better start to think about the layout of the SF camp, nothing to big, about 12" across at the most. On other fronts more progress on the 10mm card buildings and also a bit of a change of course from my usual areas of interests, but this project will remain under wraps till later in the year.