Sunday 19 September 2010

3mm Village

Progress on the 3mm test village using the downloaded pdfs, I painted the ground and dry brushed with a light brown, ran some PVA glue up the roads and ran a small stick up and down to create some ruts in them, it worked quite well. Trees from dried out grape stems and small clumps of foliage. I toned down some of the buildings with some ink washes. The bottom picture shows some 2mm Irregular figures for a scale comparison. The two units close together are cavalry the single units is an infantry stand. Lots of food for thought with this small diversion into 3mm scale. Next up a destroyed village.

Sunday 12 September 2010

Small is beautiful 3mm scale

While looking at using some 6mm scale buildings to up scale to use with my 10mm FPW/WW1 armies it also struck me that you could take the 1/300 - 6mm scale buildings the other way and reduce them down to 3mm scale to use with my planned German/Russian WW2 armies for the eastern front campaign for 1943. The buildings are based on a 3 inch square piece of art board with some sand PVD's to the base. These buildings were printed onto paper, but for the real thing I'll use card to make them that bit more robust. 2p coin to give some idea of the scale. A big thanks to Ian H & Gupiao & Ludger Fisher for all the great buldings from their web sites. The buildings above are from Gupiao's site but I have Ian H's and Ludgers buildings ready to use. The top picture shows the GHQ 1/300 scale building enlarged to use with 10mm scale figures. The idea for the 3mm forces would be to use the BKC rules and the terrain to be all based on a single base board