Tuesday 30 July 2013

Making smoke

I've just make some smoke markers from traditional pipe cleaners. The bottom picture shows how I've twisted the pipe cleaners around each other, I then twisted another around the base of the arms. This was then supper glued onto a 1p coin to act as a base. I'm not sure about painting them yet, they look good as smoke markers as they stand I think, but as they are so cheep to produce I might have a go at using some grey primer spray paint on a couple and see how they turn out. As for scale, I think they should work with my 15mm and up to 28mm scale should be fine. They might be a bit over scale for 1/300 scale, but you could scale the size down a bit.



Tuesday 9 July 2013

Fire base Buddha 8

Mr Buddha is finally finished, having been jungled up with green flock added and some hand made jungle added. Made with masking tape and paper clips. I still need to get some 2mm MDF for the base board. Things have been quite hectic over the past few weeks, unfortunately not leaving much time for hobby fun.

I have however bought Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe 1815-1878 which I can thoroughly recommend. I'm planning on using the rules from the book for my Franco Prussian set up. I have also been exploring my 2mm Battle in a Box project, which involves a gridded terrain board and I've been thinking about how I can create a gridded terrain board which is not gridded. I know that last sentence makes no seance at all but it will when I finally get round to making the thing.

A blast from the past, the original Mr Buddha from way back in January 2009.

All the best for know, TTFN