Friday 31 May 2013

Fire base Buddha 5

More progress on the Buddha centrepiece, the top two pictures show jungle vines (garden twine string) glued to the ground base and the head as well. The second two photographs show the head undercoated along side a couple of the fire base bunkers and with the first coat of paint partly applied.

The bottom picture is a before and after photo of two of the bunkers. The bunker on the left shows the sand bags after they have just been stuck into position, you can still see dark gaps between the individual bags. The bunker on the right shows the bags after I have filled the gaps with some cheep filler. I used a paint brush and a small amount of water and used a painting action to push the filler in between the individual sand bags. Giving a much more realistic look to the bags.

On a side note, big up to the Wargaming girls in Sheffield for the article in the Times from last Saturday page 41 also featuring Wargames Development and Tim Gow.

More Fire base picture at the weekend.



Sunday 19 May 2013

Fire base Buddha 4

A selection of pictures showing some of the components that go into to making the fire base. The top three pictures show some of the concrete corner bunkers. On the right of the the three top pictures you can see the basic polystyrene block cut to the shape of the bunker, the black lines are my guide for the different areas of the bunker, gun slits and packed earth on top of the concrete bunker. You can see that the packed earth firing platforms on the top of the bunker, and the wall of the base have lots of PVA'd sand on them, but the concrete bunkers have much let sand stuck to them. By doing this, I hope that the painted and more importantly dry brushed items will have to look of their respective building materials. We shall see.

The bottom two pictures show a wall section which will connect the corner bunkers. The bottom picture shows the inside of the wall, with corrugated cardboard and cut art board as supports.

Next time a closer look at the sand bags.



Monday 13 May 2013

Fire base Buddha 3

More progress on Fire Base Buddha, the basic concept is 4 concrete bunkers, one on each corner with packed earth firing point on the top of each, with inter-connecting walls with firing steps. I've used corrugated card to represent steel cladding to hold the earth walls and firing point in position.

Sand bags created back in 2009 were then dug out of storage and used to top the walls and the firing points on top of the bunkers, with retaining walls on the firing points made from coffee sticks. More detailed pictures to follow in the next post. Still debating if it should be all based on an MDF base board or built in a more modular fashion.



Wednesday 8 May 2013

Fire base Buddha 2

More progress has been made on the Fire base, the Buddha is now on the top of its rocky outcrop. To the back of the Buddha are some cut stones, representing parts of the long lost temple. The Buddha has had some small lengths of string PVA'd on to its head, representing jungle vines. More needed though.

The big debate that I'm having with myself at the moment is, should all the walls, bunkers etc be stuck to the base. Or like my Roman 10mm fort should all the various elements be based independently. At the moment I'm thinking that all elements apart from the Buddha will be stuck to the base. And I'll keep the Buddha as free standing, so it can be used in other areas.