Thursday 4 November 2021

Ancient / Medieval village church

The finished small village church/chapel, made from poly board with the outer covering of card mostly removed and the exposed foam scribed with lines to create the exposed stone walls.

The doorway was given some more details to the stone work with a cross above the door. This end of the building was also given some remaining render/plaster, which was give a coating of PVA glue and sharp sand texture.

I added two stone buttresses to each side of the church with two narrow slit windows inside of them. I gave the base of the building a good amount of rough rubble scattered at the bottom of the walls to represent the plaster fallen from the walls. Shown next to the church second picture above is a WIP of one of the smaller peasant dwellings. Next up might be some 15mm WSS figures which have finally got some paint on them after only 20+ years on the to paint shelf.

Stay safe, TTFN Airhead.

Sunday 24 October 2021

Ancient / Medieval village painted

First set of buildings painted, just waiting for finishing touches such as barrels and farming implements to be painted. I’m pleased with how the egg box pulp board has taken the paint and worked well with the dry brushing.

Next up will be some more hut and the Church. Pleased with how the thatched roofs have worked out, the green flock helps a lot with the lived in look. Stay safe till next time TTFN Airhead.

Thursday 16 September 2021

Ancient / Medieval village in 28mm scale

I’m currently working on a medieval Lion Rampant project in tandem with my War of the Roses set of armies. So to give the opposing army’s something to fight over I decided to build a fairly generic village of about half a dozen buildings which will work over as wide a historical time period as I can get away with.

I wanted to include a church among the village buildings, and all the buildings will be thatched. In the past I’ve used towelling to create thatched roofing in 15mm scale, so will do the same again.

The big idea this time is egg boxes! For the life of me I can’t remember where I fist saw this idea. I saw someone using egg box pulp board to create flag stones. An idea which I’ve used in my south European 28mm village. This time I’m going to use the egg box card to clad all the buildings to give the rough appearance of wattle and daube walls once painted and with a bit of dry brushing it should work well.

All the woodwork was made using the classic coffee sticks, the buildings are all based on 2mm plywood, as used in dolls house construction. The basic building shape was made out of card first, then clad in egg box pulp board with the rough side facing out. Next onto the painting.

Until then stay safe TTFN Airhead. 

Tuesday 25 May 2021

DBA Persian forces in 15mm

Some of my Essex 15mm scale miniatures ancient forces, who have been with me for a very long time and finally have some paint on them. There Greek foes are still on the paint desk waiting for some shield transfers to be ordered for them.

The aim is to have matching double size forces for BBDBA (Big Battle DBA) so 24 elements per army, for the Greek v Persian wars Of the late 6th century BC.

Still have some details to add, but very Happy with how they have come out looking, considering the age of these Essex figures. Quite a few Persians still to do and also the camps for the two sides as well.

Rich from TFL has recently been making a city wall section with some internal buildings in 28mm scale for his Italian Renaissance Forces’s. Which has got me thinking about what I could produce similar in 15mm for these army’s? I’ll keep you posted on developments.

That’s all for the moment, stay safe folks, all the best

Monday 29 March 2021

Battlefield scatter in 28mm

More battlefield scatter, this time from Badsquiddogames 28mm resin scenic range. Great value and paints up very nicely.

The two mattresses in the bottom picture were made by me from left over green stuff, you always need mattresses for those impromptu street barricades.

That’s all for now, stay safe Airhead.

Thursday 11 March 2021

Finished Dovecote the two versions

 A quick post to show the finished dovecote, in both versions. 

Very happy with how this has turned out. Below the damaged version, complete with dead dove in the roof space.

That’s all for now folks, stay safe, all the best Airhead.

Friday 26 February 2021

Scatter terrain items in 28mm

I always aim to create some smaller items for my terrain projects which help to bring the table to life. I have always tried to to look at this aspect of table design from the viewpoint of set dressing in the film industry. Not the focus of the terrain, like the building, but the things between and around them which give  life to the environment.

 First up a pumpkin stem, used as a large tree stump, I think I saw this idea on Tony Harwood’s blog, Dampf’s modelling page, a great blog you should check it out.

A roadside shrine, totally made up, involving no research at all. An old Roman 28mm scale figure from the bits box and poly board and egg box for the stonework and slabs.

The village pump, inspired by a painting from the Franco Prussian war by Edouard derailleur. I’ve made it  smaller than the one in the painting, my water trough is in better shape as well.

Last, some Gabions which I’ve had for well over 10 years, and finally they are finished 

Lastly a group picture showing some of the items together.

That’s all for now stay safe, best regards Airhead