Friday 20 February 2009

Celtic Hut 15mm

Based on a CD with palisade made from the centre of a roll of masking tape, smaller tape centre for the hut. Roof made from milliput over a card former. Large ceramic pots outside the hut made from small beads.

Wednesday 4 February 2009


Simple CD base used to create an area of marshy bogey ground, polystyrene base from a pizza used for the ground, PVA'd onto the CD base then using a sharp scalpel to cut out the areas of water. March grass is sizzle string, painted green. The water was painted using humbrol enamel paints. The colour is a very dark green almost black. The blue in the photo is just the reflected from the blue background I use in my photos.

I thought this worked very well, for minimum time and effort. Looking into using the same technique to produce inter- connecting river sections for use on my DBA board.