Monday 28 June 2010

ASMARA to date

Just a quick update with some pictures of the 15mm scale town as it stands at the moment, next up to finish off is the old town buildings top left and then the naval HQ building bottom right. Then perhaps moving on to the port area with some simple wear-houses. Not bad going for 6 months into the year on this project bearing in mind my diversions into other areas. Just to let you know my version of Asmara is on the coast and does have a port unlike its names sake in modern Eritrea.

Sunday 27 June 2010

ALR - The Red train

The Asmara Light Railway hits the tracks, the top picture shows a peter pig 8th army infantryman for scale comparison, tried to achieve a well used dusty look to the rolling stock, added a tin foil tarpaulin to the tender. Next on the to do list is a small station and engine shed.
Not bad for £3.49p. Would work equally well for any colonial, wild west or even WW2 set up.

Sunday 20 June 2010

ALR - Asmara light railway

A great find in a cheap shop in the new street station shopping arcade in Birmingham (gizmo or something like that), only £3.49p, just the right size to go with 15mm figures. Has a very wild west look about it to me. But should be at home as a small colonial era type local rail set up. So the Asmara Light Railway is born. Quite a lot of raised detail in the models, so should paint up quite well with some dry brushing. I'll snip of the winding handle on the right hand side of the train. I'll have to have a think about the track that came with the train and see if it can be used.

Saturday 5 June 2010

Painted Fish Smoking Factory

I have painted the factory in the same colours as the Fish market, I still need to add some flock to the base and some shrubs, I also need to come up with some sort of sign to go on the building.
Pleased with how to painting has come out. I'll do a group shot of the buildings I've done so fare for the WW2 Italian colonial town that all these buildings are destined for.

Fish smoking factory WIP

My version of a total made up in my head idea of what a factory for producing smoked fish would look like, no research at all. To go with the fish market. The spark for this idea was a tube of lemon sherbet, which in my youth was closed at the top with a twist of paper. The modern version has a plastic cap. Which gave me the idea of using it for the body of the boiler at the back of the factory. Pipes going into the roof are plastic tubes from cotton buds. The rest of the building was made from a selection of different sorts of card stock.

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