Sunday 31 October 2010

The machine finished

The finished machine, painted and with the base terrain finished, probable part of some grandiose scheme to build a power station in the middle of the desert, but never got past the docks/railway station. Ideal cover for an infantry section. Quite pleased with how this turned out. Got the pack of 4 mini CD's from pound land so three left to use.

Still here

Things have been a bit frantic at work for a long time and no sign of things slacking of soon, also in the middle of a big DIY project at home which is eating up most of my time at the moment. So a couple of posts to keep the stats respectable, on the count front. This is an example of how I'm always on the lookout for things I come across to use for my terrain projects. This is the end off a roller blind, the bit that pushes into the end of the metal tube the blind come on. Its mounted onto a small CD base with sand and small rocks and a card and cocktail stick base, its had some additional bits added with the blue tubes coming from cotton buds (q tips). The idea was that it would represent a large pice of industrial machinery that has been left standing for some time and could be used for cover.