Friday, 31 October 2008

Sketch it out

Rule number one, always plan out what you are going to do, you might not stick with it, but it gives you a starting point. It also gives you a to do list.

This was my first working drawing for my 1930's Flying boat station, to be used with my WW2 15mm
Fare East / Middle East set up. 


Dinium said...

Thought i'd pop over and have a look at your blog. That sketch is cool, reminds me of a scenic piece posted on Steve Deans site a while back, think it may have been in the Painting Comp, was it the real version of the sketch? It was a great little bit of work.


airhead said...

Well spotted that man, Yup that was me, my highest finish so far in SD's comp. I think it made the quarter finals, but I could be wrong. Will be posting some more detailed terrain pics over the coming weeks. Still getting the hang of this bloging malarkey. Loved your WW1 figure with the football by the way.