Monday 6 July 2009

Coast watch station

15mm scale coast watch station/Radio shack to be used with my flying boat station. Sketch at the bottom showing rough layout of the building, based on a 1930's railway signal box. Next picture up show the basic building before the construction of the steps and viewing platform. Built from scrap card, the rock outcrop built up from foam core board. Double click on the pictures for bigger versions


Donogh said...

Just discovered your blog.
Love this piece of terrain.
Also, I'm wondering if you have any finished shots of the big woods? Would like to see how the foliage turns out

J Womack, Esq. said...

As usual, your terrain piece is just great.

Your method proves that prior planning prevents pathetic production.

Keep up the stellar work!


airhead said...

Hi chaps, thanks for the comments, the big woods are still in production, I'll post pictures when they are finished. If you have a look at small copse post from March it will give you some idea of how they will look, just on a bigger scale.