Tuesday 12 January 2010

15mm WIP Pertol station

A couple of work in progress pictures of the (futurist) Fiat petrol station from Asmara. Based on the article from the Telegraph magazine. (see previous post) The model is based on a 3x6 inch art board card. The top picture shows the front of the station and the bottom picture the back. Still needs lots doing to it. The two small vertical posts either side of the building in the top picture are the start of the petrol pumps.
Thinking about the idea of the WW2 African Italian colonial town, I've decided to make it usable as a British colonial town as well, looking ahead to a possible future campaign set up. I just need to make sure that I make any overtly Italian/British elements, such as public statues, bill boards stand alone elements, free standing. And keep any building graphics slit 50/50 between the Brits and Italians.

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