Thursday 8 April 2010

Small House in 15mm Scale

A small house based on the free Vietnam building plans from Wargames Illustrated, I've added some window sills and door lintels and also some supporting buttresses. The building is made from 5mm foam core board and the roof is from the usual G.F.Smith colour flute card, but this time cut into strips then stuck to a card board base to create the look of terracotta tiled roof. I just need to liven it up with some signs and posters, check out this link from the Rapid Fire site for some great Italian signs and general posters. Just need to print them out at the right size for 15mm scale.


Andyroo said...

I love that roof work - well done.

With very minor changes you could date this back to Roman times. Have a look at the photos at


airhead said...

Hi Andrew thanks for the kind words.

good idea about the Roman roofs, have a look at the post from 7-nov-2008, small Greek temple for DBA, using the colour flute card as a roof.

All the best