Sunday, 27 June 2010

ALR - The Red train

The Asmara Light Railway hits the tracks, the top picture shows a peter pig 8th army infantryman for scale comparison, tried to achieve a well used dusty look to the rolling stock, added a tin foil tarpaulin to the tender. Next on the to do list is a small station and engine shed.
Not bad for £3.49p. Would work equally well for any colonial, wild west or even WW2 set up.


ScannableGoose said...

When I first saw the train you bought, I thought you'd had a screw come loose.
But finished up it looks great and to scale!

CPBelt said...

Great job on the painting! I like the look of the train. I never would have thought it had been the toy from the earlier post.

airhead said...

Thanks for the kind words chaps, just goes to show, you should always keep your eyes open you never know what might turn up.

All the best


Giles said...

I really can't believe how well this turned out. As you say, just goes to show that we should all keep our eyes peeled for useful bits and pieces.

Best wishes


Reinwood99 said...

It looks great! Considering the costs of trains at the hobby store, this is a great alternative.