Wednesday, 21 July 2010

ALR station WIP

Some WIP pictures of the ALR (Asmara Light Railway) station and engine shed. The bottom two pictures also show an idea I had about making windows, and how to make the process less painful and more symmetrical. I down loaded a free pdf of some graph paper of the Internet and printed it out onto some light card, 160 gsm weight. Then measuring the space on the building where the door and window is to fit, its straight forward to draw them up. I then glue the graph paper onto another sheet of 160 gsm card let it dry then trim out using a new scalpel blade, then glue onto another sheet of card to give the depth to the door and window frames. Not sure if this method has been posted on the web before, I'm sure it must have been somewhere. More pictures to follow as the station and shed are painted. Trusty peter pig 8th army chap in 15mm scale to give some idea of the size of the buildings.


Reinwood99 said...

Cool little buildings, I think I will try and make some too. Are they made from foamboard and coffee cup holders?

airhead said...

Hi Reinwood99, thanks for the kind comment. these buildings are made with card from the G F Smith colour plan range of papers this range have lots of different textures, which work great when dry brushed, but coffee cup holders and foamboard should work just fine.

All the best