Sunday, 19 September 2010

3mm Village

Progress on the 3mm test village using the downloaded pdfs, I painted the ground and dry brushed with a light brown, ran some PVA glue up the roads and ran a small stick up and down to create some ruts in them, it worked quite well. Trees from dried out grape stems and small clumps of foliage. I toned down some of the buildings with some ink washes. The bottom picture shows some 2mm Irregular figures for a scale comparison. The two units close together are cavalry the single units is an infantry stand. Lots of food for thought with this small diversion into 3mm scale. Next up a destroyed village.


Reinwood99 said...

Very Nice, what game will you use this tile with?

Dale said...

VERY nice. That is great that it is paper.

Giles said...

Absolutely astonishing! 3mm!!!

Best wishes


airhead said...

Hi Chaps, thanks for the kind words, If I keep going in this direction I'll end up like the chap who sculpts grains of rice!!! As for the rules I'm aiming to use

All the best


Dinium said...

Really like the look of this, a handy size and full of character. I wouldn't have thought the buildings are papermade, nice one AH.

LTL Dad said...

Fascinating. And all my friends think I'm crazy with 6mm!
Absolutely beautiful stuff.