Sunday, 12 June 2011

3mm fall of shot markers

A post on my experimentation in the smaller end of the scale world, I'm looking at creating some fall of shot markers for my intended forces in 3/2mm scale. In a £1.99 packet of pipe cleaners, you get about 75 per pack, I found them in a traditional old tobacconist shop in Birmingham, I have seen some in Hobby craft but they did not look to me like the old traditional pip cleaners I remember my Grandfather using. More like mini toilet brushes. the ones I found have the nice uneven texture, they do come in a number of colours, some off white other more pure white. The top picture has a selection of some of my reference picture grouped together, the bottom 2 show a test explosion, no base work or painting just the bare pipe cleaners, using about 4-5 to create this effect, will experiment further with painting and glue combinations. double click on the pictures for bigger versions.

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Subedai said...

I've used a similar system myself-

- only mine are intended for local artillery bursts and are not quite as large. They look quite impressive when painted and are another piece of eye-catching terrain when placed on the table. (By the way, our nearest Tesco Extra store sells pipe cleaners, so maybe your nearest will as well. That's if you're not in the city centre of course.)Looking forward to seeing the finished article.