Saturday 10 September 2011

A 10mm Roman addition

A quick and simple addition to my Roman 10mm selection of terrain items, a roughly 10mm scale model of the leaning tower of pisa. Saved from the rubbish bin as the daughter re-decorated her bedroom. I now the towers construction started in 1170, so its not really Roman by any stretch of the imagination, but hay it works for, it looks Roman to me. So that's fine by me. A quick black undercoat and paint job with a round base built up with filler and then flocked.

1 comment:

Tomsche69 said...

You can always blame it`s appearance at Ceasar`s court on the Tardis.

I really like the thingie, it adds a bit of flavor and will yell out `heye, we are in ze Italy` (with new york italian Soprano accent) about the battlefield