Monday 16 April 2012

Free trees 4

More progress on the 3 tree bases, pictures at the top show supports added to the bases of the trees, to help give the trunks a more natural appearance. The Bottom to pictures show the trees when they were just inserted into the holes cut into the bases. £ picture from the bottom up shows the trees with added bases from art card with the spaces filled with poundland filler and smoothed into the base. Then PVA and sand is added to cover the filler and they are painted to match the light grey of the trunks.

On the procurement/shopping front I have managed to find some Matt Black car spray paint in my local poundland, after this was mentioned on a blog. Sorry no idea who it was that original mentioned this product on their blog. I will let you know how this product turns out.



1 comment:

Paul said...

Good luck with the poundland spray - hold your breath as it'll burn your lungs out!!