Friday 12 October 2012

Finished Fire

A quick update with some pictures of the German para flame thrower, with finished flame and a undercoated para, and below that a couple of pictures of the suppression - bullet strike markers, shown alongside a stand of WW2 Russians for scale. I finished the bullet strikes with a soft spray of grey primer spray paint over the top base earth colour used on the clump foliage that makes up the body of the bullet strikes.

Right, I'm off to the finish painting fritz. TTFN.



PatG said...

Well done on the flame. It looks magnificent.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Excellent! Consider the idea stolen especially the bullet markers!

Cheers and thanks for the idea!

Giles said...

That does look really good, Airhead. I'd never have thought about bullet markers, but those look really good too!

Best wishes