Friday 7 December 2012

Down town Asmara + paint

Finally started to get some paint onto the down town area of Asmara, you can see in the background the black undercoated buildings waiting in the wings. In the bottom picture you can see a couple of make shift sun shades/market stalls on the roofs of the front two buildings, still waiting for some paint to be applied. The idea being that all the flat roofs of the buildings will have some kind of clutter on them. Barrels, boxes, tables and also sat-alight dishes and air-conditioning units to give the town a current feel. All of these items will be free standing. Also last but not least a fine selection of rugs, found as a pdf on the Internet, unfortunately for the life of me I can't remember where from.

On a final note, I'm quite chuffed that this is my 32 post of this year, looking at my posting rate earlier in the year I thought that I would fail to match last years by a mile. Lots of pictures and ideas in the bank for next year, and a couple more posts at least this year.




Greg said...

These are great! A+

Giles said...

Excellent stuff, Airhead. And congrats on your posting tally - muh better than mine!

Best wishes


PMMDJ said...

Like the paint jobs, nice work.

Furt said...

Nicely done - like the coloring. You may be referring to my rugs here


airhead said...

Hi chaps thanks for the comments, always good to get feed back. Spot on Furt, you are my go to chap for all my exotic rug requirements. Great idea, thanks for posting the link.