Friday, 3 October 2014

Off world terrain

I started out with some small sketches, shown in the last post and a drawing on my iPhone to give me a good starting point to aim for. These floating Islands are of course based around the terrain from Avitar, the film with the big blue dude's in. I was looking to create something which could be fought over and also fits stylistically with my pre existing earthbound terrain. So didn't want to have islands covered in heavy jungle type terrain like in the film. I also had a look through my reference files and found some illustrations which had some elements in which I thought would give the terrain an other worldly vibe.

The bottom two pictures show the islands in there early stages of production when they had been carved out of polystyrene and covered in PVA glue and had sand and small stones glued all over them. They have also started to have the hanging vines inserted into them and stuck with the hot glue gun, most of the vines were made from different types of paper clips but some were made from string which was stiffened with supper glue before being glued to the bases of the island.




MarkG said...

These are looking good, look forward to seeing the finished item.

El Grego said...

Very nice so far; I am looking forward to seeing your trees...