Sunday, 16 August 2009

10mm Roman marching camp

A marching camp created for my DBA early imperial roman forces in 10mm scale. The palisade is made from bamboo satay skewers. The ground work was made using the polystyrene packaging from a cheep clip frame. Its quite deep to make room for the DBA bases. The camp can also be used with some of my other 10/15mm forces. The base is about 7 inches square. I put in some spare palisade logs and some steps to add some visual intrest to the inside of the camp. Click on the pictures for bigger versions.


Kasper said...
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Kasper said...

Hello - a very nice fort you've made there! I'm wondering at the colour of the stakes - they seem a wee bit grey or black for wood.
Did the romans do something to their walls that would cause that colouring (tar, burn or?)
Best regards, and thanks for your blog - it's a pleasure to read.

airhead said...

Hi Kasper, thanks for the kind words. The color of the Roman fort is a mid to light grey. The color comes from my observations of untreated wood, which over time becomes bleached by the sun and rain to a light grey color.

The idea, was that the camp has been built for some time and had had a chance to weather in the elements.

The inspiration for the camp and my other Roman fortifications came from the great Secundus of IRON MITTEN fame. Have a look at his postings from February 2008. Some great stuff there.