Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Arthur's Oven

Arthur's oven was a Roman temple which stood in Scotland until 1743, when it was destroyed to make a dam for a local iron works. Have a look here for further information LINK it was also featured in the book A Gathering of Eagles. The main part of the building is the lid from a roll on deodorant, with the sky light and door cut out with a sharp scalpel blade. The Stone work was cut into the plastic cap again with the sharp scalpel blade. the top photo shows the cap with the stone work marked on with an indelible pen. The bottom picture shows the temple in position on its base cut from poly board, with the stone flag stones cut into the card, its based on a mini CD 80mm across. The small pieces of polystyrene will be painted to represent natural rock outcrops. The painting of the temple is not finished, its much to orange in colour at the moment.

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