Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Roman Fort WIP

Two photos showing the Roman fort laid out with all elements in place, two of the three smaller corner towers are still to be finished, and the gats house turret needs undercoating (Humbrol Mat black) and painting. The fort buildings have been stuck onto their base and sand has been PVA'd onto it. No stakes in the defensive ditch yet, I decided it would be simpler to paint the ground work first then insert the stakes (cocktail sticks) and PVA them into the ditch banking.


Mike said...

Really nice work. Are you scratchbuilding everything?

Col. Corbane said...

That's looking really good. I like the modular style you've taken on with this.

Keep 'em coming.

PS - Nice to see another Salopian blogger :-)

airhead said...

Thanks for the kind comments chaps, interesting question Mike, never really thought about it before. It has just worked out that way so fare.

I do have some Hovels half timber houses in 15mm scale to use with my WSS stuff, not painted yet, only had them since the early 1990's!! might move them up my priority list.

All the best


Barry S said...

Great stuff. I particularly like the damaged section.

I bought myself a copy of Gathering of Eagles after reading about it here and very glad I did! Its a great little book. Thanks for the recommendation