Sunday 14 November 2010

The big Green wood

I have finally started to put some foliage onto the polystyrene former that creates the body of the trees. For this I use Woodland Scenics bushes Medium green and Forest green. I start by building up the foliage around the top of the trunks and the cardboard base that the polystyrene former sits on. Then working upwards in a more random way to try and make the two types of foliage create the impression of different types of trees growing together. It seems to be working out quite well at the moment. Its quite time consuming and at the moment I'm lucky to spend more than ten minutes a day on it.


kendo said...


Eli Arndt said...

I have tried to duplicate this process a couple of times now and have had nothing but trouble getting the foliage to stay on.

What sort of glue are you using to attach the foliage to the painted styro? Any other hints for better results?



airhead said...

Thanks for the complement Conrad, as for any tips Eli, I use PVA wood glue, not sure what the US equivalent would be? Lots of glue and only do about 2-3 inches at a time then leave it to dry, this makes it quite a drown out process, I also try and use gravity, by propping the model so the clumps of foliage are not being dragged of/down the side of the wood by gravity. I also tend to brake the foliage clumps down into smaller bits, thus covering more area and also making the lighter, so easier to stick on.

Hope some of the above ramblings are of help.

All the best