Sunday, 26 February 2012

Free Trees 2

Steady progress on the sedum trees, the top picture shows the first three stages, the bare twig on the left, with added masking tape on the central one. Bound round the trunk and once bulked up the last strip of masking top put on vertically running up the trunk to reduce the visibility of the tap bound round the stem. The last picture on the right shows the trunk and branches with PVA and sand applied a number of times. I did think about spraying the seed pods on the top with a PVA and water mixture, but in the end went with the less subtle method of dunking the top into neat PVA in a small tub.

The middle picture shows more PVA applied directly to the top of the tree, which is then spread out with a paint brush, then covered with a scattering of saw dust. So fare its worked quite well. Once dry I'll spray the trees with grey primer paint and then the top part with the saw dust I'll spray that bit black, then it will be down to dry brushing on a number of different shades of green. Then its down to thinking about how to base them.



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Deserter said...

These are nifty! I wonder how durable they will be?