Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Free trees 3

Good progress on the sedum trees, I've started to make the 3 CD size bases the trees will go on. 4-5 of the Sedum trees per base with some smaller trees and shrubs as well. The bases are made from foam core board with sand PVA and small stones, I'm trying to make the bases terrain features in their own rights with the ground work consisting of small hills and gullies on the bases. I'm trying to re-create the type of terrain that I remember from watching the Last of The Mohicans film. Lots of running up and down terrain as I remember it?

The trees have now been spray painted with grey matt primer spray and the tops with matt black, this all helps to make the sedum's more robust. Then they have been dry brushed on the tops with a combination of green acrylic paints.The thing that makes the most impact regarding durability is the combination of PVA and sand applied to the branches of the stem, I have done this up to 3 times over the same parts to increase the strength of the branches. They will never be the most robust of terrain items but with sensible handling they should have a reasonable life span on the table top.

The top picture shows how the top leafy part of the trees look after the PVA and sawdust has been applied and spray painted.

Right of to pre-order some 10mm Indians and Rogers ranger from Pendraken to pick up at the WMMS show on Sunday.

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El Senyor Verd said...

They look great! That's a good tip, thanks for sharing.