Sunday 30 September 2012

Small wood on a soft hill

I've been working on a small wood to go on top of one of my soft hills, I first posted on this in January this year, showing how to make the mod Rock former that sits on top of the contours of the soft hill. The tree trunks are garden twigs from the estate, hot glued into position on the mod rock former, small rocks and grit were PVA'd onto the base. The foliage for the trees is a chunk of polystyrene  painted with black acrylic-paint and stuck onto the twigs, it will them have clump foliage glued onto the polystyrene former. As I have done when making my other woods.

Next up is to paint both hill and wood, producing this addition to one of my hills, and it working so well, has prompted me to thinking of other versions that could be produced, hill top villages/forts/fire bases/temples etc...



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Pablo J. Álvarez said...

Thanks for show this method