Wednesday 19 September 2012

Gun fire markers

I have been working on some gun fire markers, to use as suppression markers. They are based on lollipop sticks, and made from paper clip wire and clump foliage. With sand and grit glued to the base. To give the impression of the bullet impacts I have tried to step the bullet strikes, so they start quite small and get bigger as they move along the line. The idea of the different lengths of base is to represent heavy machine gun strikes and sub machine gun fire.

Next challenge will be to decide how to paint them. I'm thinking at the moment of using mainly my usual base colour's, with small amounts of black and grey used for the actual gun strikes. The bottom picture shows some un-painted examples with a base of 28mm scale WW2 Russian infantry. Also thinking of trying out some 1-2p coin based gun fire markers to represent rifle fire.

These markers can be used in other scale as well, they would work well for strafing markers for 15mm scale aircraft shooting up ground targets.



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Tsold9000 said...

cool idea...i`ve made explosions outta clump...but bullet strikes hmmmm..