Monday 29 October 2012

Battle damaged Asmara town houses

With production going full swing on the 5 town houses for down town Asmara, while waiting for the full houses to dry after getting their undercoat of matt black. I have moved onto producing some destroyed versions, basing them on the same "L" shaped base. I used some off cuts of 5mm foam core board to build the remaining walls, stripping some of the card covering off to expose the foam core and then using a ball point pen to scribe the outlines of the bricks. The exposed bricks then had a coat of PVA applied and the had a light sprinkling of sand applied to give them some texture.

The next stage will be adding in more rubble and general rubbish. The one think that dose strike me about a lot of the damaged building models you see out there, no matter how good they look, is the striking lack of rubble. It always looks to me like someone has been around and cleared up after the artillery strike or bombing raid. So the next stage will be producing some rubble for these two houses.

After finishing these two I'm going to move onto producing some really destroyed buildings, and I'm talking bombed flat.



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Pablo J. Álvarez said...

Really plausible and very well done.